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Global Payment Network

Payment Partners (SM) is an international payment processor that has developed a unique service linking global banking networks into an integrated global payment system. This service allows businesses to electronically receive non-rescindable payments worldwide with significant reductions in the cost, fraud, and delays often experienced with traditional bank wires and credit cards, while enhancing chargeback protection, tracking capabilities and revenue opportunities.

Payment Partners - The Global Payment Network Funds transfers and payments are made through global banking affiliates by way of Payment Partners virtual banking network and transactions are processed through the Company's proprietary F/X engine and software database.

We offer our international payemnt services in two formats: En-point Direct for B2B and C2B applications involving transactions from multiple senders such as Commerce Service Providers, International Accounts Receivable operations, shipping and logistics service providers, online retailers and international online auctions.

En-point Online (www.en-point.com) for businesses and individuals needing to make infrequent international payments or transfers to a few receivers. This service is available entirely online and does not entail any programming or software purchase.

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