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Global Partners

Payment Partners delivers cutting edge services for cross-border payments and money transfers. If you are interested in learning more, or want to become a partner, contact our offices.

  • Fidesic and Payment Partners are integrating Fidesic's electronic invoicing and payment (EIP) solutions with Payment Partners' En-point Direct capability to enable US businesses to electronically invoice and receive payments from international cusomters.

  • Chase Manhattan Bank provides the Payment Partners network with correspondent banking and foreign exchange services. Chase is one of the world's top-performing financial services firms located in more than 48 countries. A critical component to the participation of Chase Manhattan in the Payment Partners network is that it assures funds transfers are FDIC insured.

  • Visa ACH services provide the Payment Partners network access to the nationwide Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. The ACH is a nationwide system administered by the Federal Reserve Bank that moves funds between depository institutions.

  • VeriSign, Inc. helps deliver security to the Payment Partners virtual banking network. VeriSign is the leading provider of trusted infrastructure services for 128-bit and 40-bit SSL Secure Sites.

  • FirstWeb Bancorp is the parent company of Payment Partners and its En-point Online and En-point Direct services. FirstWeb maintains the executive team and staff to manage the daily operations of the network and its services.

  • En-point Direct is Payment Partners' ground-breaking Web Services system. Business clients with US inbound international payments may implement their own payment service in their website or intranet.

  • En-point Online is the flagship service of the Payment Partners network. En-point Online is a standalone application allowing any user to enroll online and move funds from global bank accounts to any US bank, credit union or brokerage account. Either consumer or business clients may use the service.

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