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Payment Partners introduces En-point(sm)

En-point Direct & En-point Online

En-point delivers the most flexible and extensive payment capabilities for international payments and funds transfers from anywhere in the world to any US bank, credit union or brokerage account. All En-point clients enjoy the benefit of time and cost savings, as well as competitive F/X, no hidden fees, real-time reporting, cash advance services and many other features. En-point is offered as either En-point Online - a standalone application available via the World Wide Web, or as En-point Direct - a Web Services system allowing clients to embed the En-point features for their own private payment gateway.

En-point Online Funds Transfers

En-point enables cross-border funds transfers at a fraction of the cost of traditional international wires, bank drafts and other methods. With cost savings as high as 50% and transfer times in as little as two days, En-point provides Senders and Receivers a winning alternative for their cross-border money transfer needs.

En-point Online enables individual and business clients to send money directly to any personal or business U.S. bank, credit union or investment account.


* Easy online enrollment as a Sender or Receiver
* Secure network with trusted banking partners
* No change to existing bank accounts
* Trace-able online transfers
* Fast and economical service

Using The Service:

En-point Online may be accessed by visiting: www.en-point.com. To begin using the service users enroll as a Sender or Receiver. Once enrolled, users may log in to the service and initiate a payment or transfer, view pending or past transfers, and download reports, all by following the easy steps on the secure En-point web site. Individual and Business clients can get started today - - enroll online at en-point.com.

En-point Direct payment solutions

En-point Direct is the ultimate tool for any U.S. business conducting commerce across borders. The system is built via Web Services standards - enabling a streamlined and fully embedded approach to accepting and managing international accounts receivables.

This smart and sophisticated system integrates to feed any cash management or accounting program. So while your business enjoys an improved bottom line, your A/R staff enjoys faster, lower-cost receipt of cross-border payments, payment visibility, non-rescindable funds, electronic invoicing and guaranteed conversion rates on all incoming transactions.

En-'point Direct features:

* Guaranteed exchange rates
* Tremendous savings on administrative costs
* Reference-able incoming transfers and invoice matching
* Secure network with trusted banking partners
* No change to existing banking relationships
* Time and cost savings on funds transfers
* Custom reporting in real time
* No hidden fees

Using The Service:

En-point Direct may be implemented very quickly to meet all of your international cash management needs. Clients simply contact Payment Partners (or call 800-798-0421) and a business development representative will evaluate your requirements and provide you with the next steps toward implementation.

Payment Partners offers project management and integration assistance for a swift and professional implementation.

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